About my Person

After studying Philosophy and Social Anthropology in Vienna, I lived and worked in Prague, New Delhi, Brussels and Helsinki (1987 – 2003). During my time abroad, I was completely unprepared for the cultural differences that I encountered. In order to survive in the new cultures, I was forced to learn through Trial-and-Error.

I returned to Vienna with the desire to use what I had learned while studying abroad in my professional life. I decided to continue my education at the Danube University Krems. I graduated in the two-year postgraduate masters program “Intercultural Competences” (2003-2005). After some Train-the-Trainer seminars in the States, in Switzerland and in Germany I started a program to become a Business Coach (Systemic Coaching) (2007-2008).

In 2009 and 2012 I travelled extensively to study and work in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China, as well as in New Delhi and Mumbai in India to brush up my intercultural know how and to gain new experiences in the intercultural field. In 2013 I participated at an area study programme in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

2014 began with a longer trip to Oman and the United Arab Emirates, where I gained deep insights into Arabic culture. Recently I went to Japan where I discovered new perspectives on my own perception.

I am an accredited Berlitz Cultural Consultant and obtained the license to carry out the COI and COA – Cultural Orientation Indicator and Cultural Orientation Approach. This is an online test to show ones personal cultural preferences. The results are the base for any culture specific training to work out cultural differences regarding the target country. In addition, I acquired the license to carry out the IRC – Intercultural Readiness Check, an online test to check ones intercultural competence. The results are discussed in a follow up intercultural coaching.

Through furthering my education, I was able to build upon the experiences I had while studying abroad. Both of these components, my own experience and my university education, form the basis for my success as an intercultural trainer. Only if one has personally experienced how it is to live and work abroad, can one fully understand and help another through the situation.

I work in English, German and French.

Ashai Brauerei Tokyo