Expatriation Programme for Companies

Dr. Schreiner offers tailored seminars and lectures on expatriation programs for internationally active companies. She supports companies in the formation of international expatriation strategies and develops preliminary measures as well as strategies for a successful re-integration into the company. A strategic expatriation policy secures a successful foreign assignment and a smooth re-integration into the company. This guarantees a profitable return on the high investment of deploying your employees abroad. Dr. Schreiner has been holding seminars and lectures on expatriation programs for leading further education institutions for years..

International Human Ressource Management
Expatriation Program for Companies

Target Groups:

Internationally active Austrian companies and organisations
Executives and employees in personnel development and HR-management.


  • International personnel management: Development, guidelines, benefits
  • Expatriation management in a company
  • Recruiting suitable candidates
  • Assessment methods
  • Expatriation: preliminary measures
  • Support on site
  • Return and re-integration: preliminary measures
  • Expatriation management: an international comparison

Customer’s Benefit:
Nowadays, preparing employees for their foreign deployment represents just the first step towards a successful assignment. Internationally active companies require well-defined expatriation strategies consistent with international standards to ensure success. Dr. Schreiner will assist you in the development of strategies for an international expatriation policy, to ensure you will always have suitable and well-trained employees who are up to the task.

Language: German, English, French
Number of Participants: by arrangement
Duration: 1 day from 9am to 5pm, or by arrangement
Lectures on the specific subjects upon request
Questions and Registration: office@iknet.at