• “Those who know only one side of a thing know little of that” (African Proverb)

  • “Entering the village, obey the village” (Japanese Proverb)

  • “A coconut shell full of water is a sea to an ant” (Indian Proverb)

  • “There are many paths to the top of the mountain but the view is always the same” (Chinese Proverb)

  • “Ask the experienced rather than the learned” (Arab Proverb)

  • “Ein guter Wanderer lässt keine Spur zurück” (Chinesisches Sprichwort)

Welcome to Intercultural Know How – Training & Consulting

Intercultural competence is considered a key competence to effectively use a culturally diverse society’s resources and to be successful in an international environment. Intercultural competence also comprises culture-specific knowledge to deal with people’s value sets and attitudes in different countries in an optimal way.

In her training programmes, Karin Schreiner offers seminars to increase intercultural competence and provides culture-specific, first-hand knowledge on Asian, Arab, and European countries.

Karin Schreiner

spent 16 years as an expatriate in European and Asian countries. Now based in Vienna, she undertakes area study trips and work stays in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates on a regular basis.

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