Intercultural Competence in Health Care

This training programme is about illness, disease and health from a cross-cultural perspective. It involves reflecting on the European understanding of health and disease, and provides insights about people’s comprehension of health and illness in other cultures. Participants learn how to treat concerned people in health care in a cultural sensitive manner. 

Target Groups:

  • Medical practitioners, people working in health care
  • Teachers and facilitators in medical professions
  • Students of medicine and other medical professions


  • Health and disease/illness from a cross-cultural perspective
  • Understanding of health and disease/illness in different countries: Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Turkey, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, East-Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, India)
  • Health care in a cultural sensitive manner
  • Expressing pain in different cultures
  • The relationship between health and migration


Theoretical input, interactive exercises, case studies, moderated discussion 

Customer’s Benefit:

Targeted insights into culturally differentiated understandings of health and disease issues will enable participants to handle affected people in different countries in a cultural sensitive manner. Participants gain insights into culturally different concepts of health and disease. They increase their culture-specific knowledge of their target groups in their particular working environment.

Language: German, English, French
Number of Participants: by arrangement
Duration:1 day from 9am to 5pm, or by arrangement
Questions and Registration: