Intercultural negotiations


Market entry in another country requires careful planning. How do you reach the decision makers? What is the negotiating style? Do you need an agent in the target country to build a network? How do you treat your employees there? Your motto: “Always be one step ahead of the others.”


Strategic intercultural negotiations with an Asian focus

In Asian countries greatly influenced by Confucianism (China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan), negotiating strategies are particularly elaborate. It is important to be extremely well prepared because it is difficult to see through strategic Asian negotiating. It is based on war tactics according to Sunzi which is not easily to understand.


When entering countries like China South Korea, Vietnam, Japan or when acting already in those countries: targeted intercultural preparation for negotiation, trade processing, project management, staff training and support of managers and employees.

Intercultural preparation for Vietnam

A booming economy and cost benefits make Vietnam an attractive country for companies. To succeed in this market, it is particularly important to prepare well in the areas of management and negotiation, never forgetting to keep your “favours account“ in balance. Specific preparation for Vietnam makes you familiar with business etiquette, leadership style and negotiating tactics. It also guides you through the red tape jungle. Gaining a thorough knowledge of Vietnamese culture in advance helps you avoid mistakes and puts you in a good position.

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