Cultural sensitivity and openness are essential for intercultural cooperation. They pave the way for mutual trust and enable individuals to profit from each other and develop personally as a result of examining other perspectives.
— Karin Schreiner

Dr. KArin

Karin Schreiner is a sole proprietor and can draw on many years of experience abroad. She works as an intercultural trainer, consultant and coach for Austrian and international companies as well as for intercultural seminar providers. She is also a university lecturer in the intercultural field.

She is the author of specialist publications on the topics of cultural diversity in the business context, intercultural couples, culturally different values, international assignments, situation of accompanying individuals and intercultural competence.


After studying philosophy and social anthropology in Vienna, I lived and worked in Prague, New Delhi, Brussels and Helsinki (1987 – 2003). When I returned to Vienna, I did a master‘s degree entitled “Intercultural Competences“ at the Danube University in Krems (2003 – 2005). After several train-the-trainer courses in the USA, Switzerland and Germany, I trained to be a business coach (systemic coaching) in Vienna (2007 – 2008). I completed a refresher course in coaching with Sonja Radatz in Vienna in 2018/19.

I spent long periods studying and working in Hangzhou and Shanghai/China, as well as in New Delhi and Mumbai/India in 2009 and 2012. I was in Johannesburg and Cape Town/South Africa as part of a study visit in 2013.

I started 2014 with a longer stay in Oman and the United Arab Emirates which gave me a deep insight into Arab culture.

I spent a longer period in Japan in 2015, where I particularly learned a lot about my own perception. After that, I was in Mongolia several times and in China. Since then, I have returned to India, Japan and have spent a lot of time in Vietnam in particular.

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