Cultural Consultant


In 2008 I completed the training to become a cultural consultant at Berlitz. It is based on the model “Cultural Navigator” developed by Berlitz to better deal with cultural differences in an working environment. 


The Cultural Orientation Approach  


The COA – Cultural Orientation Approach – is an online test of personal cultural preferences. The results are the basis of any culture-specific training to work out cultural differences in relation to the target country.


Intercultural Readiness Check


In 2010 I acquired the licence to carry out the IRC – Intercultural Readiness Check – developed by Ursula Brinkmann and Oscar van Weerdeburg. It tests an individual’s intercultural competence. The results are discussed in follow-up intercultural coaching.


Systemic Coach


In 2008 I completed the training in systemic coaching with Konas Consulting. In 2018 I completed the program on Intercultural Systemic Coaching at the Danube University Krems. I continued my training in systemic coaching with Sonja Radatz’ Institute for Relational Consulting and Education in 2018/2019.