Intercultural training


Intercultural training helps develop intercultural competence and build cultural knowledge. Including the culture factor from the very start has a positive effect on international assignments, your market entry and initial negotiations. Proper preparation leads to correct decisions.


Strategic intercultural management suited to your target countries facilitates market entry. For example, the shortest and most direct way is not usual in business relationships in Asian countries. A “winding“ path marked by politeness, relationship building and favours is appreciated greatly in these countries and opens new perspectives. It is also seen as a sign of cleverness. 

Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness training &coaching is particularly interesting for culturally diverse teams. Reflecting on one’s own cultural identity and on the concept of culture leads to new views and perspectives. It aims to recognize and use cultural diversity in the workplace as an important resource and to develop intercultural competence. Cultural diversity needs to be managed properly.

Austria for expatriates

Culture-specific training and coaching for Austria provides an in-depth insight into Austrian culture, sociocultural factors and the historical background. This training focuses on the art of conversation, customs and etiquette in Austria, as well as management / leadership style and negotiating strategies.


Culture-specific training – EUROPE AND ASIA

Culture-specific training and coaching gives you an insight into the professional and everyday life of the target culture. Karin Schreiner was an expatriateherself for over 16 years and can draw on her personal experience and cultural knowledge built up over many years. 

Training available for the following countries:

EUROPE: Austria, France, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia
ASIA: India, China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea

Training and coaching available in German, English and French

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