Academic Teaching

Dr. Schreiner is also a lecturer at universities and universities for applied sciences in Austria. She teaches Intercultural Communication an Management with different focal points like expatriate management, transcultural management, HR management, conflict resolution, and management consulting. She also supervises master- and bachelor theses.

University of Vienna 
Department of Communication:
– Intercultural Conflict Resolution

Webster University Vienna
Department of Psychology:
– Interpersonal Communication

Danube University Krems

Master Program Intercultural Competences:
– Modul „Intercultural Perception“
– Modul „Globalization“
Master Program Business and Organizational Psychology:
– Modul „Intercultural Competences“

Montan University Leoben
– Intercultural Communication

University of Applied Sciences bfi Wien
Bachelor Program HR Management:
– Diversity Management
Master Program Strategic HR Management in Europe:
– Intercultural Management, Expatriate Management

University of Applied Sciences Linz
Master Program Intercultural Health Care Management:
– Intercultural Conflict Resolution
– Knowledge Management

University of Applied Sciences Kufstein
Bachelor Program International Business Studies:
– Area Studies: Asia

– Intercultural Management

Master Program International Business Studies:

– Transcultural Management

– International Management Consulting

University of Applied Sciences Eisenstadt
Master Program European Studies
–  Intercultural Management

University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt
Bachelor Program Logopedia
– Intercultural Communication

University for Applied Sciences Lahti, Finnland
Guest Lecturer at the Department of Business Studies
– Intercultural HR Management

Supervision of Bachelor- and Master-Theses